Select Cornwall Virtual Letting Agent

At Select Cornwall we're currently undergoing our beta testing phase, working hard on getting everything just right for you and for your customers. This means that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes and things may change a little along the way.

We are currently welcoming early adopters to the site, so if you're as excited about Cornwall's new premier letting service as we are and you'd like to help us perfect our services, then sign up now and get involved.

Prefer to wait for our formal launch? No problem, just let us know your email and we'll let you know when the big day arrives!

Welcome to the Select Cornwall Virtual Letting Agent; you're all in one solution to managing your rental property.

Free Listings & Favourable Fees

It costs nothing to list a property on Select Cornwall and our commission rates are designed to work for you.

In order to maximise your revenue, we take just 3% from the booking itself and then, after everything else is calculated and your net booking value is set, we add on a small 8% service fee which we take directly from the customer, not from your booking.

Advanced Availability

Our unique pricing platform works for you like no other; here's how:

  • 10 stay length configurations to choose from
  • Per-week pricing allows you to set up every week independently of any other, perfect for school holidays and other busy periods
  • Settings copy utility for super fast pricing set-up »
  • Min night stays are always met, even if the guest doesn't use the full block

Min Nights are Always Met

For any week that you have a minimum booking period set, we ensure it's met. Our unique system means this isn't a problem for potential guests however...

When you set minimum booking periods, we ensure they're met regardless of nights occupied, and offer the remaining dates as FREE booking extensions. In any case they pay for the full booking period. Your guests get a great deal while you meet your pricing needs.